Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kerry Wa is Home

some serious bumper car action

Train to Hong Kong

Quinn and "doughnut"

Amy and "Banana"

South China Sea
We are home and all very happy. Kai and Summer are here with us enjoying Kerry and the beach before going to grad school and nursing school in a few weeks. We had a wonderful family experience, returning to our daughters' homeland and sharing family time while welcoming our newest daughter and sister. Thanks for all who traveled along. I hope some of you that are waiting enjoyed seeing what will come. I hope some of you have been inspired to help those left behind in any way you can. UNICEF estimates there are 210 million orphans in the world today. As I type, my Kerry is playing with Amy and the dollhouse. While in China, we were able to skype with Summer who is now enjoying her sweet sister. Kerry crawls into her bed and snuggles and loves to be around Summer and tell her stories. She thinks Summer understands =). Kai and his girlfriend took them to the beach for some big brother fun. Back to China- After enjoying tropical Guangzhou and lots of pool time, we took the Train to Hong Kong with the brown envelope with Kerry's immigration approval safe on my back. We had two fun filled days taking public transportation to a beautiful beach and swimming in the warm China Sea. Kerry embraced everything about her changing life with amazing ease. She is a determined, curious, fun loving daughter, nicknamed "little lion" by her foster mom.We think the little mane might have something to do with her nickname =)  It feels so perfect sharing our life with her. She has learned to trust us and finally doesn't eat as fast as I have ever seen someone eat to be sure she get her little lion's share. There are moments each day that I am reminded that only 23 days ago she was an orphan. Most of the survival behavior is forgotten, replaced by a calm that comes with knowing we will provide for her and she can trust us. As I ponder my time in China and think our adoption trips, and those we have had the privelege to meet on these journeys, I will not forget those left behind and those that have helped us bring home our girls so that they will have the life they deserve. I will continue to be an advocate and voice for those left behind and sponsor a three year old in Huainan so that she can go to preschool. Someone was kind enough to help our daughter while she waited for her forever family and for this we are grateful. I have found that sharing my daughters' stories with others has opened eyes and God is working through them. I am blessed to be able to plant seeds. When I was a teen, a young man to spoke to my heart about the orphan girls in China. Robert and I knew all those years ago that we would try to help someday, having felt God's hand in our lives. Sure glad we listened. After many twists and turns, we found our way to Amy.  Those that have adopted from China know about the red thread....

"An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." - Ancient Chinese Proverb
She is special as our first adopted child and always will hold that place in her mom's heart. Thank you Amy for caring so much and for "starting all the trouble".  I won't be blogging since I have to go back to work and my time off is better served with my family reading, swimming.biking, playing and cooking for this crew.  If anyone would like to know more about adoption, I always have time to talk and help in anyway. I welcome the call or email.Thank you all for your good love and God bless.
Beth Anne,
Proud and happy mom to Kai 22, Summer, 19, Quinn 12, Amy 10, Kerry 5, and Ting 4.

(310) 292-7752 (should be 8 =))
What are brothers for? =)
Home at Valley Park, Hermosa Beach, California

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  1. Wishing your family the very best. Your girls are beautiful. I loved reading your posts and hope to hear updates when you have the time. Enjoy! Nothing can be better thatn Family.